Saturday, September 05, 2009


beautiful Human Powered Helicopter YURI-I

I'm interested in human power recently. It's so elegant.

I saw the art work by Dinh Q. Le at Dojima River Biennale on Sunday of this week. The work is consist of two parts, a DIY helicopter inspired by two farmers who keen to have their own helicopter and videos of the interviews of the farmers and the victims of the Vietnam War and the scenes of wars with helicopters. It was so impressed to show longing and fear for technology. How we are strange creature.

Dinh Q. LĂȘ: The Farmers and the Helicopters By Joselina Cruz

Accidentally I'm reading The Sorrow of War by Bao Ninh. The story is very dark, chaotic, and full of sorrow literally. But it draws me powerfully. The author illustrates obstinate memory, obsession and loss which came from the Vietnam War.

I met Clarence from Singapore in Shinjuku the day before yesterday. A dinner with him was enjoyable. We told about how important to have experience to live as a foreigner is. We took a walk in the town, in the bright and the dark. He got back to his country next day.


Saturday, July 18, 2009


new things and old friend

Last Wednesday, I met my old colleague. We have met a lot of restaurants and bars in the world in several years. But we haven't been at a table of work since 2002, I think. We could discuss about the issue of Image. We can still share what we are interested in now, as well as before, or more before. We could meet again after going through different ways. I was very happy.


Saturday, February 16, 2008


Open Studio at AIAV

I enjoyed to watch the residencies' ideas of Akiyoshidai International Artists Village and talk with visitors. I haven't imagined such a lot of people join the event in the rural area (nearly nothing around the building except mountain). They came from around the Yamaguchi prefecture. They like to communication with artists. It's cool.

Amazing Justin Fiske's work. He calculates all small stones' direction and speed when they rotate.

Shin il KIM's work influenced the philosophy of Japanese Shrine.


Sunday, December 10, 2006


Shinro Ohtake, Straub-Huillet

I've been in Tokyo from yesterday.

December 9
Shinro Ohtake Zenkei Retrospective 1995 - 2006 at MOT. (second time)

Photography Today III (provisional title)

Command N

Screening of the latest three films by Straub-Huillet and a lecture by Akira Asada at Athenee Francais Cultural Center.

I met a frind Akiko at the venue aftrer the lecture by chance. We got a chinese dinner together at Ochanomizu.

December 10
Shinro Ohtake Zenkei Retrospective1995 - 2006 at MOT. (third time)
I could watch all works at last calmly, but still excited. I spent 8 hours to watch this great exhibition. I satisfied!

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